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I might not have a driver's license but I do have a creative license! Bring it!

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New bio under construction.

4-h, acting, aliases, animals, anime, archaeology, art, astronomy, bands, being myself, bestfriends, biking, board games, books, bowling for soup, brownies, cartoons, cats, chocolate, clothes, club congress, color, colors, computer games, computers, cookie dough, cooking, country, dancing, daydreaming, design, dogs, drawing, dreaming, fairytale romance, family, fanfiction, fantasy, fefe dobson, ff10, ff12, ff8, ff9, ffx, ffxii, final fantasy, finalfantasyx, food, friends, game boy color, glow in the dark, god, good music, graphic design, graphics, green day, gypsies, hanging out with friends, harry potter, hate, having fun, hermione, hermioneandron, hoobastank, icecream, icons, kiki's delivery service, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kittens, laughing, left behind, life, linkin park, lip gloss, listening to music, live journal., lj drama, love, mississippi, moon, movies, msu, music, music., my game systems, my games, natchez, onions, online quizzes, photographs, photography, pizza, playing games, playstation 2, playstation 3, poems, poetry, pop, psychology, punk, purple, quotes, rainy days, read or die, reading, reading left behind series, real, rock, romance, ron, ronandhermione, rupertgrint, shaman king, shippers, shonen jump, simple plan, sims, singing, sisters, skye sweetnam, sour candy, spirited away, spirits, starry nights, strawberries, style, the early november, the sims, theater, thinking, true friends, tv, video games, walking., water, wolves, writing, yellowcard